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travelling salesman (n) [itinerant salesperson] (n) Vertreter (n) {m} [itinerant salesperson]
travelling salesman (n) [itinerant salesperson] (n) Handlungsreisender (n) {m} [itinerant salesperson]

EN DE Translations for travelling

travelling (a) [person] ambulant (a) [person]
travelling (a) [person] reisend (a) [person]

EN DE Translations for salesman

salesman (n) Vertreter (n) {m}
salesman (n) Verkäufer (n) {m}
salesman (n) [man whose job it is to sell things] Verkäufer (n) {m} [man whose job it is to sell things]
salesman (n) [store - man] Verkäufer (n) {m} [store - man]
salesman (n) Handlungsreisender (n) {m}