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EN DE Translations for traverse

to traverse (v) (formal) kreuzen (v)
to traverse (v) [travel] (formal) durchqueren (v) [travel]
to traverse (v) [road] (formal) hinübergehen (v) [road]
to traverse (v) [road] (formal) überqueren (v) [road]
to traverse (v) [travel] (formal) überqueren (v) [travel]
traverse (formal) Querträger
traverse (v) (formal) Traverse (v)
to traverse (v) (formal) traversieren (v)

EN DE Translations for resolution

resolution (n) Auflösung (n) {f}
resolution (n) Beschluss (n) {m}
resolution (n) [decision] Beschluss (n) {m} [decision]
resolution (n) [behavior] Entschlossenheit (n) {f} [behavior]
resolution (n) [purpose] Entschlossenheit (n) {f} [purpose]
resolution (n) [purpose] Resolutheit (n) {f} [purpose]
resolution (n) [action] Lösung (n) {f} [action]
resolution Auflösungsvermögen
resolution (n) Entschließung (n) {f}
resolution (n) [decision] Entschließung (n) {f} [decision]