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ENDETranslations for upscale

ENDETranslations for shopping

shopping Kauf{m}
shopping Kaufen{n}
shopping Einkauf{m}(m)
shopping(n) Einkauf(n){m}(m)
shopping(n)[general] Einkäufe(n){m}[general]
shopping(n)[activity of buying] Einkaufen(n){n}[activity of buying]
shopping(n)[general] Einkaufen(n){n}[general]
shopping einkaufend
shopping kaufend
shopping shoppend

ENDETranslations for street

street Gasse{f}
street(n) Straße(n){f}
street(n adj)[paved part of road in a village or a town] Straße(n adj){f}[paved part of road in a village or a town]
street(n)[traffic] Straße(n){f}[traffic]
street Strasse{m}
street Stadtstraße