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view as (v) [consider] schätzen (v) [consider]
view as (v) [consider] ansehen (v) [consider]
view as (v) [consider] halten für (v) [consider]

EN DE Translations for view

view Bild {n}
view Einsicht {f}
  • viewed
  • view
  • view
  • viewed
  • viewed
  • geprüft
  • prüfst
  • prüfen
  • prüftest
  • prüften
  • prüf(e)
view (n) [thought] Einstellung (n) {f} [thought]
view (n) Ansicht (n) {f}
view (v) Ansicht (v) {f}
view (n) [thought] Ansicht (n) {f} [thought]
view (n) Ansehen (n) {n}
view (n) [thought] Glaube (n) {m} [thought]
view (n) [thought] Meinung (n) {f} [thought]

EN DE Translations for as

as ebenso
as (v) als (v)
as (o) [in the same way as] als (o) [in the same way as]
as (o) [reason] da (o) [reason]
as (o) [reason] da einmal (o) [reason]
as (o) [reason] denn (o) [reason]
as (o) [comparison] genauso wie (o) [comparison]
as (o) [comparison] genau wie (o) [comparison]
as (o) [correlation] in dem Maße wie (o) [correlation]
as (o) [correlation] je nachdem wie (o) [correlation]