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EN DE Translations for wikijunior

EN DE Translations for south

south Mittag {m}
south (a) [direction] Süd- (a) [direction]
south (n) Süden (n) {m}
south (n adj adv) [compass point] Süden (n adj adv) {m} [compass point]
south (n) [direction] Süden (n) {m} [direction]
south (a) [direction] Südlich (a) [direction]
south südlich
south Süd
south (n) Süd (n)

EN DE Translations for america

America (n) Amerika (n) {n}
America (proper) [continent of America (see also ''Americas'')] Amerika (proper) {n} [continent of America (see also ''Americas'')]
America (n) [geography] Amerika (n) {n} [geography]
America USA
America Vereinigte Staaten
America Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
America America