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yes and no jein

ENDETranslations for yes

yes doch
yes(n) doch(n)
yes jawohl
yes(n) ja(n)
yes(o)[general] ja(o)[general]
yes ja doch
yes(n) oh ja(n)
yes Ja{n}
yes(n) Ja(n){n}
yes(adv int n v)[answer that shows agreement or acceptance] Ja(adv int n v){n}[answer that shows agreement or acceptance]

ENDETranslations for and

and sowie
and(a) und(a)
and(o)[conjunction] und(o)[conjunction]
and wobei
and sowohl
and u.

ENDETranslations for no

no(a)[determiner - singular] keines(a)[determiner - singular]
no(n) kein(n)
no(a)[determiner - singular] kein(a)[determiner - singular]
no(a)[general] kein(a)[general]
no(a)[determiner - plural] keine(a)[determiner - plural]
no(a)[determiner - singular] keine(a)[determiner - singular]
no(n) nein(n)
no(o)[exclamation] nein(o)[exclamation]
no(o)[general] nein(o)[general]
no(o)[prohibition] verboten(o)[prohibition]