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a causa de(o)[razón] as(o)[razón]
a causa de(o)[razón] due to(o)[razón]
a causa de(o)[razón] owing to(o)[razón]
a causa de(o)[razón] because(o)[razón]
a causa de(o)[razón] because of the fact that(o)[razón]
a causa de(o)[razón] as a result of(o)[razón]
a causa de(o)[razón] on account of(o)[razón]
a causa de(prep)[on account of, by reason of, for the purpose of] because of(prep)[on account of, by reason of, for the purpose of]
a causa de(o)[razón] because of(o)[razón]
a causa de(o)[razón] through(o)[razón](informal)
a causa de(o)[razón] since(o)[razón]
a causa de(o)[razón] for(o)[razón]
a causa de(o)[razón] for the reason that(o)[razón]
a causa de(o)[razón] by reason of(o)[razón]

ESENTranslations for a

a to
a(o)[causando] to(o)[causando]
a(o)[complemento indirecto] to(o)[complemento indirecto]
a(o)[destino] to(o)[destino]
a(o)[dirección] to(o)[dirección]
a(o)[en su honor] to(o)[en su honor]
a(o)[general] to(o)[general]
a(particle prep adv)[in the direction of, and arriving at] to(particle prep adv)[in the direction of, and arriving at]
a(o)[proximidad] at(o)[proximidad]
a(o)[general] in connection with(o)[general]

ESENTranslations for causa

causa(n)[razón]{f} grounds(n)[razón]
causa(n)[disculpar]{f} occasion(n)[disculpar](formal)
causa(n)[disculpar]{f} motive(n)[disculpar]
causa{f} cause
causa(n)[general]{f} cause(n)[general]
causa(n v)[goal, aim, principle]{f} cause(n v)[goal, aim, principle]
causa(n)[meta]{f} cause(n)[meta]
causa(n)[razón]{f} cause(n)[razón]
causa(n)[razón]{f} reason(n)[razón]
causa(n)[derecho]{f} case(n)[derecho]

ESENTranslations for de

de(o)[general] to(o)[general]
de(o)[concerniente] concerning(o)[concerniente]
de(o)[concerniente] regarding(o)[concerniente]
de(o)[concerniente] about(o)[concerniente]
de(o)[sujeto] about(o)[sujeto]
de of
de(o)[general] of(o)[general]
de(o)[origen] of(o)[origen]
de(o)[posesión] of(o)[posesión]
de out of