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a todo cerdo le llega su san Martín(proverb)[proverb](proverb) every dog has its day(proverb)[proverb](proverb)

ESENTranslations for a

a to
a(o)[causando] to(o)[causando]
a(o)[complemento indirecto] to(o)[complemento indirecto]
a(o)[destino] to(o)[destino]
a(o)[dirección] to(o)[dirección]
a(o)[en su honor] to(o)[en su honor]
a(o)[general] to(o)[general]
a(particle prep adv)[in the direction of, and arriving at] to(particle prep adv)[in the direction of, and arriving at]
a(o)[proximidad] at(o)[proximidad]
a(o)[general] in connection with(o)[general]

ESENTranslations for todo

todo(a)[cada]{m} every(a)[cada]
todo(a)[determinante]{m} every(a)[determinante]
todo(a)[persona]{m} every(a)[persona]
todo(a)[cada]{m} all(a)[cada]
todo(a)[cantidad]{m} all(a)[cantidad]
todo(n)[general]{m} all(n)[general]
todo(o)[general]{m} all(o)[general]
todo(a)[persona]{m} all(a)[persona]
todo(o)[general]{m} entirely(o)[general]
todo{m} everything

ESENTranslations for cerdo

cerdo(n)[gula - hombre]{m} glutton(n)[gula - hombre]
cerdo(n)[ganadería]{m} barrow(n)[ganadería]
cerdo{m} pig(informal)
cerdo(n)[gula - hombre]{m} pig(n)[gula - hombre](informal)
cerdo(n)[zoología]{m} pig(n)[zoología](informal)
cerdo(n)[contemptible person]{m} swine(n)[contemptible person](arch.)
cerdo(n)[zoología]{m} swine(n)[zoología](arch.)
cerdo(n)[culinario]{m} pork(n)[culinario]

ESENTranslations for le

le(o)[general] you(o)[general]
le him
le(o)[pron. pers - compl. directo] him(o)[pron. pers - compl. directo]
le(o)[pron. pers. - compl. indirecto] him(o)[pron. pers. - compl. indirecto]
le her
le(o)[pron. pers. - compl. indirecto] her(o)[pron. pers. - compl. indirecto]
le it

ESENTranslations for su

su(a)[adj. posesivo - m. sing.] his(a)[adj. posesivo - m. sing.]
su(a)[adj. posesivo - sing.] its(a)[adj. posesivo - sing.]
su your
su(a)[adj. posesivo - sing. - cortesía] your(a)[adj. posesivo - sing. - cortesía]
su(a)[adj. posesivo - sing. - varias pers. - cortesía] your(a)[adj. posesivo - sing. - varias pers. - cortesía]
su(pronoun)[belonging to you (plural; more owners)] your(pronoun)[belonging to you (plural; more owners)]
su her
su(a)[adj. posesivo - f. sing.] her(a)[adj. posesivo - f. sing.]
su(a)[adj. posesivo - sing.] their(a)[adj. posesivo - sing.]
su his