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approach (v) [ask] dirigirse a (v) [ask]
approach (n) [general] acercamiento (n) {m} [general]
approach (n) [general] aproximación (n) {f} [general]
approach (n) [general] acceso (n) {m} [general]
approach (n) [method] enfoque (n) {m} [method]
EN English ES Spanish
approach (n) [problem] enfoque (n) {m} [problem]
approach (n) [method] planteamiento (n) {m} [method]
approach (n) [problem] planteamiento (n) {m} [problem]
approach (n) [problem] modo de enfocar (n) {m} [problem]
approach (v) [transitive] acercarse a (v) [transitive]
approach (v) [transitive] aproximarse a (v) [transitive]
approach (v) [transitive] acercarse (v) [transitive]
approach (v) [transitive] aproximarse (v) [transitive]
approach enfoque {m}
approach acercar
EN Synonyms for approach ES Translations
waylay [propose] (v) acechar
encounter [propose] (v) encontrarse
advance [go toward] (v) favorecer
near [go toward] (a) próximo {m}
surround [go toward] (v) cercar
approximate [go toward] (a) supuesto
come closer [be imminent] acercarse
converge [access] (v) convergir
intersect [access] (v) encontrarse
join [access] (v) conectar
appeal to [propose] (v) atraer a
request [propose] (v) preguntar
perspective [opinion] (n) punto de vista {m}
point of view [opinion] (n) punto de vista {m}
viewpoint [opinion] (n) punto de vista {m}
light [opinion] (a) claro {m}
manner [disposition] (n) disposición {f}
feeling [disposition] (n) presentimiento {m}
talk [communicate] (n) charla {f}
bearing [disposition] (n) relación {f}