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banality (n) [quality of being banal] banalidad (n) {f} [quality of being banal]
banality (n) [triviality] banalidad (n) {f} [triviality]
banality (n) [triviality] trivialidad (n) {f} [triviality]
EN Synonyms for banality ES Translations
bromide [cliché] bromuro {m}
platitude [cliché] (pej. cliché {m}
commonplace [cliché] lugar común {m}
triteness [cliché] lugar común {m}
truism [cliché] cliché {m}
insipidity [triteness] insipidez {f}
inanity [triteness] inanidad
dullness [triteness] estupidez {f}
plainness [triteness] naturalidad {f}