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because(o)[reason] como(o)[reason]
because(o)[reason] a causa de(o)[reason]
because porque
because(o)[reason] porque(o)[reason]
because(o)[reason] como consecuencia de(o)[reason]
because(o)[reason] pues(o)[reason]
because(o)[conjunction] ya que(o)[conjunction]
because(o)[reason] ya que(o)[reason]
because(o)[reason] visto que(o)[reason]
because ya que
ENSynonyms for becauseESTranslations
since[part of speech]od té doby(adv prep conj)
inasmuch as[part of speech]poněvadž(adv conj n)
as[part of speech]když
for[since]po dobu(prep)
whereas[since]přičemž(adv conj n)
as regards[in consideration of]co se týče
in view of[in consideration of]vzhledem