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ES EN Translations for belleza

belleza (n) [mujer] {f} beauty (n) [mujer]
belleza (n) [mujer] {f} belle (n) [mujer]
belleza (n) [persona] {f} handsomeness (n) [persona]
belleza (n) [persona] {f} attractiveness (n) [persona]
belleza (n) [hermosura] {f} beauty (n) [hermosura]
belleza (n) [hermosura] {f} loveliness (n) [hermosura]
belleza (n) [hermosura] {f} prettiness (n) [hermosura]
belleza {f} beauty
belleza (n) [the quality of being beautiful] {f} beautifulness (n) [the quality of being beautiful] (n)
belleza (proper adj n) [beautiful female] {f} beauty (proper adj n) [beautiful female]

ES EN Translations for matemática

matemática (n) [ciencia - mujer] {f} mathematician (n) [ciencia - mujer]
matemática {f} mathematics
Matemática Mathematics