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Bomba de hidrógeno H-bomb

ESENTranslations for bomba

bomba{f} pump(informal)
bomba(n)[técnico]{f} pump(n)[técnico](informal)
bomba{f} balloon
bomba{f} bomb
bomba(n)[militar]{f} bomb(n)[militar]
bomba(n)[militar]{f} bombshell(n)[militar]
bomba(n)[a place which sells gasoline to pump directly into a car]{f} gas station(n)[a place which sells gasoline to pump directly into a car]
bomba{f} pumping

ESENTranslations for de

de(o)[general] to(o)[general]
de(o)[concerniente] concerning(o)[concerniente]
de(o)[concerniente] regarding(o)[concerniente]
de(o)[concerniente] about(o)[concerniente]
de(o)[sujeto] about(o)[sujeto]
de of
de(o)[general] of(o)[general]
de(o)[origen] of(o)[origen]
de(o)[posesión] of(o)[posesión]
de out of

ESENTranslations for hidrógeno

hidrógeno{m} hydrogen
hidrógeno(n)[química]{m} hydrogen(n)[química]