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ESENTranslations for cantón

cantón(n)[general]{m} district(n)[general]
cantón(n v)[state of Switzerland]{m} canton(n v)[state of Switzerland]

ESENTranslations for francés

francés(n)[etnología - hombre]{m} Frenchman(n)[etnología - hombre]
francés(n)[man of French birth or nationality]{m} Frenchman(n)[man of French birth or nationality]
francés{m} French
francés(proper n adj v)[Romance language spoken in France]{m} French(proper n adj v)[Romance language spoken in France]
francés(a)[general]{m} French(a)[general]
francés(n)[lenguaje]{m} French(n)[lenguaje]
francés(n)[the act of fellatio]{m} blowjob(n)[the act of fellatio]
francés{m} Frenchman