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cube (n) [geometry] cubo (n) {m} [geometry]
cube (n) [mathematics] cubo (n) {m} [mathematics]
cube (n) [mathematics] tercera potencia (n) {f} [mathematics]
cube cubo {m}
cube (proper n v) [arithmetic: number raised to the third power] cubo (proper n v) {m} [arithmetic: number raised to the third power]
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Cube Hexaedro
Cube Cube
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divide [chop] (v) dividirse
hash [chop] (v) desmenuzar
mince [chop] (v) picar
dice [chop] (n) dados (mp)
compound [calculate] (v) formar
repeat [calculate] (n) repetición {f}
aggregate [calculate] (a) total {m}
raise [calculate] (v) plantear
increase [calculate] (v) acumular
multiply [calculate] (v) multiplicar
stamp [thing] (n) marca {f}
die [thing] (v) calarse
cut up [cooking] (v) maltratar
slice [cooking] (n) tajada {f}
box [thing] (n) recipiente {m}
mangle [cooking] planchadora
quadrilateral [thing] (a) cuadrilátero {m}
chop [cooking] (v) cortar
square [thing] (a) abundante
loaf [thing] (n) pan {m}
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Cube Cube