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EN English ES Spanish
draught (n) [a current of air] corriente (n) {f} [a current of air]
draught empinado
draught (n) [a current of air] corriente de aire (n) {f} [a current of air]
EN Synonyms for draught ES Translations
beverage [thing] drank {m}
libation [thing] plengoffer {n}
bottle [thing] fles {m}
liquid [thing] vloeistof {m}
glass [thing] drinkglas {n}
potion [thing] (literature drankje {n}
refreshment [thing] verfrissing {f}
drink [thing] pimpelen
breeze [current of air] bries {m}
puff [current of air] (informal pof
gust [current of air] windstoot {m}
wind [current of air] spoelen {n}
swallow [drink] boerenzwaluw {f}
mouthful [drink] hap {m}
swig [drink] (informal naar binnen slaan
swill [drink] (informal bocht {m}
beer [drink] bier {n}
gale [nature] storm {m}
bluster [nature] opsnijden
blast [nature] doen springen