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EN English ES Spanish
enclosure (n) [space] recinto (n) {m} [space]
enclosure (n) [addition] carta adjunta (n) {f} [addition]
enclosure (n) [addition] documento anexo (n) {m} [addition]
enclosure envase {m}
enclosure (n) [fence] cerca (n) {f} [fence]
EN English ES Spanish
enclosure cercado {m}
enclosure (n) [Act of enclosing] cercamiento (n) {m} [Act of enclosing]
enclosure vallado {m}
enclosure (n) [fence] cercada (n) {f} [fence]
enclosure (n) [fence] verja (n) {f} [fence]
enclosure (n) [fence] valla (n) {f} [fence]
enclosure (n) [animal husbandry] corral (n) {m} [animal husbandry]
enclosure (n) [animal husbandry] aprisco (n) {m} [animal husbandry]
enclosure (n) [Act of enclosing] encierro (n) [Act of enclosing]
enclosure envoltorio
EN Synonyms for enclosure ES Translations
yard [place] ra
patch [place] lapwerk
courtyard [place] binnenplaats {m}
lot [place] kavel
quadrant [place] kwadrant {n}
plot [place] machinatie {f}
area [place] areaal
inclusion [addition] insluiting {f}
insert [addition] steken
case [thing] ding {n}
span [thing] overbruggen
support [thing] advies {n}
frame [thing] inkaderen
cell [stall] kerker {m}
stable [stall] stal {m}
berth [stall] kooi {m}
crib [stall] wieg {m}
chamber [stall] slaapkamer {m}
cubicle [stall] slaaphokje {n}
booth [stall] stand {m}