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federation federación {f}
federation (n adj) [array of nations or states] federación (n adj) {f} [array of nations or states]
federation (n) [politics] federación (n) {f} [politics]
EN Synonyms for federation ES Translations
affiliation [association] connexion {f}
union [association] confrérie d'étudiantes {f}
coalition [association] coalition {f}
bloc [association] bloc {m}
confederation [association] confédération {f}
connection [association] association {f}
alliance [association] alliance {f}
incorporation [amalgamation] incorporation {f}
association [amalgamation] association {f}
combination [amalgamation] combinaison {f}
consolidation [amalgamation] consolidation {f}
nation [people] état {m}
republic [people] république {f}
commonwealth [people] richesse commune (n)
country [people] contrée
community [people] communauté {f}
government [people] gouvernement {m}
land [people] territoire {m}
state [people] état {m}
organisation [confederation] société {f}