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fin (n) [ichthyology] aleta (n) {f} [ichthyology]
EN Synonyms for fin ES Translations
crook [thing] courbe {f}
limb [thing] membre {m}
stump [thing] avancer à pas lourds
branch [thing] branche {f}
bend [thing] pencher
hook [thing] crochet {m}
offshoot [thing] rejeton {m}
member [thing] membre {m}
arm [thing] bras {m}
block [obstruction] bloc {m}
hindrance [obstruction] écueil {m}
breakwater [obstruction] brise-lames {m}
maze [obstruction] dédale {m}
baffle [obstruction] confondre
fluke [appendage] coup de pot
ES Spanish EN English
fin (n) [conclusión] {m} conclusion (n) [conclusión]
fin (n v) [end] {m} finish (n v) [end]
fin (n) [conclusión] {m} ending (n) [conclusión]
fin (n) [actividad] {m} termination (n) [actividad]
fin {m} end
fin (n) [actividad] {m} end (n) [actividad]
fin (n) [conclusión] {m} end (n) [conclusión]
fin (n) [propósito] {m} end (n) [propósito]
fin (n) [propósito] {m} purpose (n) [propósito]
fin {m} aim
fin (n) [propósito] {m} target (n) [propósito]
fin (n) [end of a story] {m} The End (n) [end of a story] (n)
fin {m} goal
fin {m} purpose

Spanish English translations

ES Synonyms for fin EN Translations
término [muerte] m terme {m}
propósito [objetivo] m emploi {m}
objeto [objetivo] m objet {m}
blanco [objetivo] m vierge {f}
terminación [extremo] f terminaison {f}
punta [extremo] f fer de lance
extremidad [extremo] f extrémité {f}
límite [extremo] m limite {f}
remate [extremo] m soldes
cabo [extremo] m caporal {m}
cumplimiento [conclusión] m observance {f}
agotamiento [conclusión] m fatigue {f}
caducidad [conclusión] révocation {f}
liquidación [suspensión] f soldes
interrupción [suspensión] f rupture {m}
pausa [interrupción] f pause {f}
detención [interrupción] f frein {m}
paro [interrupción] m chômage {m}
alto [interrupción] m alto {m}
conclusión [interrupción] f conclusion {f}