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EN English ES Spanish
frailty (n) [delicacy] delicadeza (n) {f} [delicacy]
frailty (n) [condition of being frail] fragilidad (n) {f} [condition of being frail]
frailty (n) [delicacy] fragilidad (n) {f} [delicacy]
frailty (n) [character] defecto (n) {m} [character]
frailty (n) [character] falta (n) {f} [character]
EN English ES Spanish
frailty (n) [character] vicio (n) {m} [character]
frailty (n) [character] falla (n) {f} [character]
frailty (n) [character] flaqueza (n) {f} [character]
frailty (n) [health] achaque (n) {m} [health]
EN Synonyms for frailty ES Translations
foible [defect in character] calcanhar-de-aquiles {m}
fault [defect in character] falha(gíria)assinatura)
imperfection [defect in character] ponto fraco {m}
weakness [defect in character] fraqueza {f}
peccadillo [defect in character] pecadilho {m}
error [defect in character] erroha
solecism [defect in character] grosseriarestal
debility [moral or physical weakness] (formal fragilidade {f}
fragility [moral or physical weakness] fragilidade {f}
infirmity [moral or physical weakness] debilidadeenigma
feebleness [moral or physical weakness] fragilidade {f}
delicacy [moral or physical weakness] fineza {f}
tenderness [fragility] ternura {f}
subtlety [fragility] sutileza {f}
invalidity [feebleness] invalidade {f}
senility [feebleness] senilidade {f}
defect [thing] defeito {m}
blemish [thing] manchabuscar
flaw [thing] racha (com motocicletas)
shortcoming [thing] limitação {f}