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ES Spanish EN English
fuerza mayor (n) [derecho] {f} circumstances beyond one's control (n) [derecho]
fuerza mayor (n) [derecho] {f} force majeure (n) [derecho]
fuerza mayor (n) [unavoidable catastrophe, voiding legal obligation] {f} force majeure (n) [unavoidable catastrophe, voiding legal obligation]
fuerza mayor (n) [unforeseen occurrence] {f} act of God (n) [unforeseen occurrence]

ES EN Translations for fuerza

fuerza {f} force
fuerza (n) [argumento] {f} force (n) [argumento]
fuerza (n) [físico] {f} force (n) [físico]
fuerza (n) [físico] {f} power (n) [físico]
fuerza (n) [presión] {f} constraint (n) [presión]
fuerza (n) [estado físico] {f} vigor (n) [estado físico]
fuerza (n) [estado físico] {f} strength (n) [estado físico]
fuerza (n) [general] {f} strength (n) [general]
fuerza (n) [actuación] {f} zip (n) [actuación]
fuerza (n) [potencia] {f} potency (n) [potencia]

ES EN Translations for mayor

mayor (a) [grado] best (a) [grado]
mayor (a) [grado] greatest (a) [grado]
mayor (a) [persona] elderly (a) [persona]
mayor (a) [edad] senior (a) [edad]
mayor (a) [edad] older (a) [edad]
mayor elder
mayor (a) [edad] elder (a) [edad]
mayor (a) [general] eldest (a) [general]
mayor (a) [general] oldest (a) [general]
mayor (a) [persona] oldish (a) [persona]