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ENESTranslations for harry

  • harried
  • harry
  • harry
  • harried
  • harried
  • pillado
  • pillas
  • pillan
  • hubiste pillado
  • hubieron pillado

ENESTranslations for potter

potter(n)[profession - man] alfarero(n){m}[profession - man]
potter(n)[profession - woman] alfarera(n){f}[profession - woman]

ENESTranslations for universe

universe(n)[creation] creación(n){f}[creation]
universe(n)[creation] mundo(n){m}[creation]
universe(n)[astronomy] cosmos(n){m}[astronomy]
universe universo{m}
universe(n)[an entity similar to our universe] universo(n){m}[an entity similar to our universe]
universe(n)[astronomy] universo(n){m}[astronomy]
universe(n)[creation] universo(n){m}[creation]