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inadequacy (n) [general] insuficiencia (n) {f} [general]
EN Synonyms for inadequacy ES Translations
defect [deficiency] defecto {m}
dearth [deficiency] hambruna
default [deficiency] predeterminado
lack [deficiency] carecer
miss [deficiency] señorita {f}
need [deficiency] menester
absence [deficiency] ausencia {f}
incompetence [inability] incompetencia {f}
insufficiency [inability] insuficiencia {f}
ineptitude [inability] ineptitud
uselessness [inability] inutilidad {f}
incapacity [inability] inhabilidad {f}
difference [disparity] diferencia {f}
disproportion [disparity] incongruencia {f}
inability [inability to act] inhabilidad {f}
frigidity [inability to act] frigidez {f}
feebleness [inability to act] astenia {f}
barrenness [inability to act] esterilidad {f}
impotence [inability to act] impotencia {f}
demand [amount] invitacion