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ENESTranslations for to

to(o)[time] menos(o)[time]
to a
to(o)[causing] a(o)[causing]
to(o)[destination] a(o)[destination]
to(o)[direction] a(o)[direction]
to(o)[general] a(o)[general]
to(o)[in honor of] a(o)[in honor of]
to(particle prep adv)[in the direction of, and arriving at] a(particle prep adv)[in the direction of, and arriving at]
to(o)[indirect object] a(o)[indirect object]
to(o)[general] con respecto a(o)[general]

ENESTranslations for no

no(a)[determiner - singular] ningún(a)[determiner - singular]
no(a)[general] ningún(a)[general]
no(a)[determiner - singular] ninguna(a)[determiner - singular]
no(a)[general] ninguno(a)[general]
no no
no(a)[determiner - plural] no(a)[determiner - plural]
no(o)[exclamation] no(o)[exclamation]
no(o)[general] no(o)[general]
no(o)[prohibition] prohibido(o)[prohibition]

ESENTranslations for no

no(adj)[causing obstacles or delay (of wind or weather)] unfavorable(adj)[causing obstacles or delay (of wind or weather)]
no no
no(a)[determinativo - plural] no(a)[determinativo - plural]
no(o)[exclamación] no(o)[exclamación]
no(o)[general] no(o)[general]
no(o)[general] not(o)[general]
no(adj)[not intended; unplanned] unintended(adj)[not intended; unplanned]
no(adj)[capable of dissolving more solute] unsaturated(adj)[capable of dissolving more solute]
no(contraction n)[do not] don't(contraction n)[do not]
no not