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ENESTranslations for list

  • listed
  • list
  • list
  • listed
  • listed
  • enumerado
  • enumeras
  • enumeran
  • hubiste enumerado
  • hubieron enumerado
list(v)[detail] nombrar uno tras uno(v)[detail]
list(n)[general] lista(n){f}[general]
  • listed
  • list
  • list
  • listed
  • listed
  • detallado
  • detallas
  • detallan
  • hubiste detallado
  • hubieron detallado
  • listed
  • list
  • list
  • listed
  • listed
  • listado
  • listas
  • listan
  • hubiste listado
  • hubieron listado
list catalogo

ENESTranslations for of

of(o)[time] menos(o)[time]
of(o)[books] por(o)[books]
of de
of(o)[general] de(o)[general]
of(o)[origin] de(o)[origin]
of(o)[possession] de(o)[possession]
of(o)[general] para(o)[general]
of(o)[time] para(o)[time]
of(o)[material] hecho de(o)[material]
of ante{m}

ENESTranslations for political

political(a)[politics] político(a){m}[politics]
political politico

ENESTranslations for in

in(o)[proximity] a(o)[proximity]
in por
in en
in(o)[preposition] en(o)[preposition]
in(o)[proximity] en(o)[proximity]
in adentro
in dentro de

ENESTranslations for colombia

Colombia Colombia{f}
Colombia(proper)[country in South America] Colombia(proper){f}[country in South America]
Colombia(n)[geography] Colombia(n){f}[geography]