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EN English ES Spanish
movement (n) [organization] movimiento (n) {m} [organization]
movement (n) [physical activity] movimiento (n) {m} [physical activity]
movement (n) [clock] mecanismo (n) {m} [clock]
EN Synonyms for movement ES Translations
change [modification] reemplazo {m}
shift [modification] (informal desplazamiento
variation [modification] desvio
transformation [modification] metamorfosis {f}
mutation [modification] mutación {f}
turn [modification] volver
alteration [modification] modificación {f}
gesture [action] acción {f}
stir [action] impulsar
direction [action] supremacia
move [action] mudar
stirring [action] memorable
course [action] correr
motion [action] ademán {m}
transport [act of conveying] transporte {m}
transfer [act of conveying] transferencia {f}
transmission [act of conveying] envio
communication [act of conveying] (formal comunicado {m}
transportation [act of conveying] transporte {m}
conveyance [act of conveying] transmisión {f}