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no convencional (a) [militar] nuclear (a) [militar]
no convencional (a) [militar] unconventional (a) [militar]

ES EN Translations for no

no (adj) [causing obstacles or delay (of wind or weather)] unfavorable (adj) [causing obstacles or delay (of wind or weather)]
no no
no (a) [determinativo - plural] no (a) [determinativo - plural]
no (o) [exclamación] no (o) [exclamación]
no (o) [general] no (o) [general]
no (o) [general] not (o) [general]
no (adj) [not intended; unplanned] unintended (adj) [not intended; unplanned]
no (adj) [capable of dissolving more solute] unsaturated (adj) [capable of dissolving more solute]
no (contraction n) [do not] don't (contraction n) [do not]
no not

ES EN Translations for convencional

convencional (a) [comportamiento] conventional (a) [comportamiento]
convencional (adj) [following an accepted principle] conventional (adj) [following an accepted principle]
convencional (a) [militar] conventional (a) [militar]
convencional according to contract
convencional traditional