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out of además de
out of(o)[position] fuera de(o)[position]
out of(o)[reason] por(o)[reason]
out of(o)[origin] de(o)[origin]
out of(o)[supply] sin(o)[supply]
out of(o)[position] abajo desde(o)[position]
out of(o)[position] afuera desde(o)[position]
out of(o)[part] de cada(o)[part]

ENESTranslations for out

out(o)[location] fuera(o)[location]

ENESTranslations for of

of(o)[time] menos(o)[time]
of(o)[books] por(o)[books]
of de
of(o)[general] de(o)[general]
of(o)[origin] de(o)[origin]
of(o)[possession] de(o)[possession]
of(o)[general] para(o)[general]
of(o)[time] para(o)[time]
of(o)[material] hecho de(o)[material]
of ante{m}
ENSynonyms for out ofESTranslations
outward[part of speech]topico
from[part of speech]desde
out[part of speech]fuera
devoid of[exhausted](formaldesprovisto de
short of[exhausted]menos
wasted[exhausted](slangcompletamente borracho
destitute of[exhausted](formalsin