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para to
para(o)[general] to(o)[general]
para(o)[razón] to(o)[razón]
para(o)[tiempo] to(o)[tiempo]
para(prep adj)[for the purpose of] toward(prep adj)[for the purpose of]
para(o)[general] of(o)[general]
para(o)[tiempo] of(o)[tiempo]
para(o)[tiempo] till(o)[tiempo](arch.)
para(o)[tiempo] before(o)[tiempo]
para for
para(o)[general] for(o)[general]
para(o)[intención] by way of(o)[intención]
para in order to
para(o)[razón] in order to(o)[razón]
para(o)[razón] so as to(o)[razón]

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so[so]bande de(pronoun determiner)