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EN English ES Spanish
potency (n) [potence] fuerza (n) {f} [potence]
potency (n) [medicine] potencia (n) {f} [medicine]
potency (n) [potence] potencia (n) {f} [potence]
EN Synonyms for potency ES Translations
effectiveness [effect] efectividad
efficacy [effect] eficacia {f}
efficiency [effect] piso pequeño {m}
potential [effect] dable
validity [effect] validez {f}
force [effect] poderio
virility [strength] virilidad {f}
concentration [strength] concentración {f}
vigour [strength] BE fuerza {f}
energy [strength] energía {f}
manhood [strength] hombría
authority [power] mando {m}
command [power] gobernar
dominion [power] dominio {m}
rule [power] regla {f}
influence [power] poder {m}
control [power] organización {f}
mastery [power] maestría {f}
power [cost-effectiveness] dominio {m}
adequacy [cost-effectiveness] cantidad {f}