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real estate (n) [law] bienes raíces (n) [law] (mp)
real estate (n) [law] bienes inmuebles (n) [law] (mp)

EN ES Translations for real

real efectivamente
real (a) [art] original (a) {f} [art]
real (a) [art] auténtico (a) [art]
real (a) [actual] verdadero (a) [actual]
real (a) [art] verdadero (a) [art]
real (a) [art] genuino (a) [art]
real (a) [actual] efectivo (a) {m} [actual]
real (a) [actual] real (a) [actual]
real (a) [event] real (a) [event]
real de veras

EN ES Translations for estate

estate finca {f}
estate (n) [area of land under single ownership] finca (n) {f} [area of land under single ownership]
estate granja {f}
estate (n) [law] propiedad (n) {f} [law]
estate (n) [inheritance] bienes (n) [inheritance] (mp)
estate (n) [law] bienes (n) [law] (mp)
estate (n) [inheritance] fortuna (n) {f} [inheritance]
estate (n) [law] dominio (n) {m} [law]
EN Synonyms for real estate ES Translations
property [land] tenencia
tract [land] tratado {m}
realty [land] inmobiliaria {f}
grounds [land] poso {m}
frontage [land] fachada {f}
acreage [land] superficie {f}
estate [possession] finca {f}
land [possession] atracar
holdings [estate] posesiones {f}
farm [estate] granja {f}
plantation [estate] plantación {f}