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symphony sinfonía {f}
symphony (n) [music] sinfonía (n) {f} [music]
symphony (n) [piece of orchestral music] sinfonía (n) {f} [piece of orchestral music]
EN Synonyms for symphony ES Translations
harmony [agreement] armonia
concert [agreement] concierto {m}
unison [agreement] unísono
unanimity [agreement] (formal unanimidad {f}
concord [agreement] concordancia {f}
rapport [agreement] relación {f}
unity [agreement] armonía {f}
philharmonic [band] filarmónico
orchestra [band] orquesta {f}
performance [musical performance] desempeño {m}
recital [musical performance] declamacion
show [musical performance] programa {m}
spectacle [musical performance] espectáculo {m}
literature [work of art] (informal literatura {f}
novel [work of art] novela {f}
fiction [work of art] invento {m}
essay [work of art] composicion
poetry [work of art] poesía {f}
writing [work of art] escritura {f}
composition [work of art] composicion