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weakness (n) [liking] inclinación (n) {f} [liking]
weakness (n) [behavior] debilidad (n) {f} [behavior]
weakness (n) [condition of being weak] debilidad (n) {f} [condition of being weak]
weakness (n) [faintness] debilidad (n) {f} [faintness]
weakness (n) [health] debilidad (n) {f} [health]
EN English ES Spanish
weakness (n) [liking] debilidad (n) {f} [liking]
weakness (n) [faintness] flojedad (n) {f} [faintness]
weakness (n) [health] flojedad (n) {f} [health]
weakness (n) [health] astenia (n) {f} [health]
weakness (n) [behavior] predilección (n) {f} [behavior]
weakness (n) [flaw] defecto (n) {m} [flaw]
weakness (n) [flaw] imperfección (n) {f} [flaw]
weakness marrar
EN Synonyms for weakness ES Translations
depletion [fatigue] spotřebování
lassitude [fatigue] (formal malátnost
enervation [fatigue] vyčerpání
debility [fatigue] (formal debilita
weariness [fatigue] únava
exhaustion [fatigue] vyčerpání
foible [defect in character] slabůstka
fault [defect in character] kaz
imperfection [defect in character] nedokonalost
peccadillo [defect in character] hříšek
error [defect in character] blud
solecism [defect in character] prohřešek
frailty [defect in character] slabost
fragility [moral or physical weakness] křehkost
infirmity [moral or physical weakness] neduživost
feebleness [moral or physical weakness] chabost
delicacy [moral or physical weakness] lahůdka
failing [defect] selhání
shortcoming [failing] vada
vice [failing] vada