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black ice(n)[invisible film of ice] verglas(n){m}[invisible film of ice]
black ice(n)[meteorology] verglas(n){m}[meteorology]
black ice(n)[invisible film of ice] glace noire(n)[invisible film of ice](n)

ENFRTranslations for black

  • blacked
  • black
  • black
  • blacked
  • blacked
  • aies noirci
  • aient noirci
  • noircisses
  • noircissent
black noir{m}
black(n)[color] noir(n){m}[color]
black(a)[color] noir(a){m}[color]
black(n)[ethnology - man] noir(n){m}[ethnology - man]
black(n)[ethnology - man] nègre(n){m}[ethnology - man]
black(n)[ethnology - woman] noire(n){f}[ethnology - woman]
black(n)[ethnology - woman] négresse(n){f}[ethnology - woman]
black sombre
black obscure

ENFRTranslations for ice

ice glace{f}
ice(n)[water] glace(n){f}[water]