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ENFRTranslations for blessed

blessed(a)[religion] consacré(a)[religion]
blessed(a)[religion] sacré(a)[religion]
blessed(a)[religion] bénit(a)[religion]
blessed(a)[religion] béni(a)[religion]
blessed(a)[religion] saint(a){m}[religion]

ENFRTranslations for virgin

virgin(n adj)[of a person, in a state of virginity] vierge(n adj){f}[of a person, in a state of virginity]
virgin(a)[sexual behavior] vierge(a){f}[sexual behavior]
virgin(n)[sexual behavior - woman] vierge(n){f}[sexual behavior - woman]
virgin(n)[sexual behavior - man] garçon vierge(n){m}[sexual behavior - man]