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by way of(phrase)[by the route of, through, via] par(phrase){m}[by the route of, through, via]
by way of(o)[intention] pour(o)[intention]
by way of(phrase)[by the route of, through, via] via(phrase)[by the route of, through, via]
by way of(o)[direction] via(o)[direction]
by way of(phrase)[by the route of, through, via] en passant par(phrase)[by the route of, through, via]
by way of(o)[direction] en passant par(o)[direction]
by way of(o)[intention] afin de(o)[intention]
by way of(o)[intention] en guise de(o)[intention]

ENFRTranslations for by

by(o)[books] de(o)[books]
by(o)[dimension] sur(o)[dimension]
by(o)[location] près de(o)[location]
by(o)[division] par(o){m}[division]
by(o)[means] par(o){m}[means]
by(o)[multiplication] par(o){m}[multiplication]
by(o)[travel] par(o){m}[travel]
by(o)[location] près(o)[location]
by(o)[time] avant(o){m}[time]
by(o)[general] au moyen de(o)[general]

ENFRTranslations for way

way(o)[degree] loin de(o)[degree]
way(n)[orientation] côté(n){m}[orientation]
way(n)[use] sens(n){m}[use]
way(n)[fashion] façon(n){f}[fashion]
way(n)[manner] façon(n){f}[manner]
way(n)[use] façon(n){f}[use]
way(n)[fashion] manière(n){f}[fashion]
way(n)[manner] manière(n){f}[manner]
way(n)[use] manière(n){f}[use]
way(n)[manner] mode(n){m}[manner]

ENFRTranslations for of

of de
of(o)[books] de(o)[books]
of(o)[general] de(o)[general]
of(o)[origin] de(o)[origin]
of(o)[possession] de(o)[possession]
of(o)[material] en(o)[material]
of(o)[time] moins(o){m}[time]
of(o)[material] fait de(o)[material]