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FRENTranslations for commune

commune(adj n v)[found in large numbers or in a large quantity]{f} common(adj n v)[found in large numbers or in a large quantity]
commune{f} municipality
commune{f} town
commune(n)[settlement]{f} town(n)[settlement]
commune(n)[général]{f} commune(n)[général]
commune(n)[général]{f} township(n)[général]

FRENTranslations for de

de(o)[comparaison] than(o)[comparaison]
de(o)[général] to(o)[général]
de(o)[concernant] concerning(o)[concernant]
de(o)[concernant] regarding(o)[concernant]
de(o)[concernant] about(o)[concernant]
de(o)[quantité] some(o)[quantité]
de(o)[livres] by(o)[livres]
de of
de(o)[général] of(o)[général]
de(o)[livres] of(o)[livres]