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FR EN Translations for encyclopédie

encyclopédie (n) [général] {f} encyclopaedia (n) [général]
encyclopédie (n) [général] {f} encyclopedia (n) [général]
encyclopédie {f} encyclopedia
encyclopédie {f} encyclopaedia
encyclopédie (n) [comprehensive reference with articles on a range of topics] {f} encyclopedia (n) [comprehensive reference with articles on a range of topics]
Encyclopédie Encyclopedia

FR EN Translations for électronique

électronique (a) [général] {f} electronic (a) [général]
électronique (n) [science] {f} electronics (n) [science]
électronique {f} electronics
électronique [generated by electronic device] {f} electronic [generated by electronic device]
électronique (n) [''(physics)''] {f} electronics (n) [''(physics)'']
Électronique Electronics

FR EN Translations for des

dès (o) [temps] since (o) [temps]
dès (o) [temps] ever since (o) [temps]
Dés Cube
Dés Dice

FR EN Translations for suites

suites (n) [conséquence] {f} aftermath (n) [conséquence]
suites (n) [conséquence] {f} backwash (n) [conséquence]