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fair game(n)[a goal or an object that may legitimately be sought] cible légitime(n)[a goal or an object that may legitimately be sought](n)

ENFRTranslations for fair

fair(a)[behavior] juste(a)[behavior]
fair(a)[decision] juste(a)[decision]
fair(a)[skin] clair(a)[skin]
fair(a)[prices] raisonnable(a)[prices]
fair(a)[passable] passable(a)[passable]
fair(a)[weather] beau(a)[weather]
fair(a)[decision] équitable(a)[decision]
fair(a)[behavior] impartial(a)[behavior]
fair(a)[skin] blanc(a){m}[skin]
fair(a)[hair] blond(a){m}[hair]

ENFRTranslations for game

game jeu{m}
game(n)[sports] jeu(n){m}[sports]
game(n)[hunting] gibier(n){m}[hunting]
game gibier{m}