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ENFRTranslations for interplanetary

interplanetary(a)[general] interplanétaire(a)[general]

ENFRTranslations for space

space(n)[objects] écart(n){m}[objects]
space espace{m}
space(n v)[area beyond atmosphere of planets] espace(n v){m}[area beyond atmosphere of planets]
space(n)[astronomy] espace(n){m}[astronomy]
space(n)[aviation] espace(n){m}[aviation]
space(n)[location] espace(n){m}[location]
space(n)[objects] espace(n){m}[objects]
space(n)[printing] espace(n){m}[printing]
space(n)[surface] espace(n){m}[surface]
  • spaced
  • space
  • space
  • spaced
  • spaced
  • aies espacé
  • aient espacé
  • espaces
  • espacent