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kiss embrasser
kiss (v) [general] embrasser (v) [general]
kiss bise {f}
kiss bécot {m}
kiss (n) [general] baiser (n) {m} [general]
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kiss bec {m}
kiss bisou
EN Synonyms for kiss FR Translations
root [rub with the snout] wortel
nose [rub with the snout] snoet
chin [rub with the snout] ken
feel [touch] voel
strike [tap] klap
address [greet] adres
hail [greet] hael
honour [greet] Ü|en| huldig
recognise [greet] herken
recognize [greet] herken
salute [greet] (formal groet
love [activity] mal wees oor
greeting [action] groet
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Kiss Kiss