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knock down (v) [prices] diminuer (v) [prices]
knock down (v) [building] abattre (v) [building]
knock down (v) [prices] baisser (v) [prices]
knock down (v) [building] détruire (v) [building]
knock down (v) [accident] renverser (v) [accident]
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knock down (v) [person] renverser (v) [person]
knock down (v) [building] démolir (v) [building]
knock down (v) [building] jeter à bas (v) [building]
knock down (v) [price] faire baisser (v) [price]
knock down (v) [prices] faire baisser (v) [prices]
knock down (v) [person] faire tomber (v) [person]
knock down (v) [accident] jeter par terre (v) [accident]
knock down (v) [person] ficher par terre (v) [person] (informal)

EN FR Translations for knock

knock (v) [door] frapper (v) [door]
knock (v) [internal-combustion engine] cogner (v) [internal-combustion engine]
knock (n) [door] coup (n) {m} [door]
knock (v) [internal-combustion engine] cliqueter (v) [internal-combustion engine]
knock (v) [general] taper (v) [general]

EN FR Translations for down

down (a) [feelings] abattu (a) [feelings]
down (o) [direction] vers le bas (o) [direction]
down (o) [direction] en bas (o) [direction]
down (o) [position] à terre (o) [position]
down (o) [money] comptant (o) [money]
down (a) [feelings] découragé (a) [feelings]
down (a) [feelings] déprimé (a) [feelings]
down (n) [birds] duvet (n) {m} [birds]
down (o) [position] plus bas (o) [position]
down (o) [quantity] plus bas (o) [quantity]
EN Synonyms for knock down FR Translations
bring down [action] réduire
fell [action] couper
conquer [action] s'emparer de
knock out [action] éliminer
tackle [action] tacler
hit [action] toucher {m}
down [action] abattu
beat up [fell with a blow] rosser
flatten [fell with a blow] aplanir
thrash [fell with a blow] battre
trample [fell with a blow] piétiner
run over [fell with a blow] écraser
raze [demolish] (formal raser (informal)
smash [demolish] casser
destroy [demolish] abattre
devastate [demolish] dévaster
ravage [demolish] démolition {f}
tear down [dismantle] abattre
strike [dismantle] attaque {f}
dismount [dismantle] descendre