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object to(v)[general] s'opposer à(v)[general]
object to(v)[objection] être ennuyé par(v)[objection]
object to(v)[objection] être dérangé par(v)[objection]
object to(v)[objection] s'objecter à(v)[objection]
object to(v)[general] objecter(v)[general]

ENFRTranslations for object

object(n)[purpose] intention(n){f}[purpose]
object(n)[purpose] but(n){m}[purpose]
object(n)[objects] objet(n){m}[objects]
object(n)[purpose] objet(n){m}[purpose]
object(v)[general] s'opposer(v)[general]
object(n)[objects] article(n){m}[objects]
object(v)[general] s'opposer à(v)[general]
object(n)[objects] chose(n)[objects](f] qui tape dans l'œil [c)

ENFRTranslations for to

to(o)[general] de(o)[general]
to(o)[direction] sur(o)[direction]
to(o)[general] concernant(o)[general]
to(o)[general] en ce qui concerne(o)[general]
to(o)[general] à propos de(o)[general]
to(o)[general] au sujet de(o)[general]
to(o)[reaching as far as] jusqu'à(o)[reaching as far as]
to(o)[until and including] jusqu'à(o)[until and including]
to(o)[reaching as far as] jusque(o)[reaching as far as]
to(o)[reaching as far as] jusqu'aux(o)[reaching as far as]