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EN FR Translations for the

the le
the (article adv) ['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative''] le (article adv) ['''the''' + ~''comparative'', '''the''' + ''comparative'']
the (o) [definite article] le (o) [definite article]
the (o) [definite article] la (o) [definite article]
the (o) [definite article] les (o) [definite article]
the la
the les

EN FR Translations for hunchback

hunchback (n) [person - man] bossu (n) {m} [person - man]
hunchback (n) [person - woman] bossue (n) {f} [person - woman]
hunchback (n) [medicine] bosse (n) {f} [medicine]

EN FR Translations for of

of de
of (o) [books] de (o) [books]
of (o) [general] de (o) [general]
of (o) [origin] de (o) [origin]
of (o) [possession] de (o) [possession]
of (o) [material] en (o) [material]
of (o) [time] moins (o) {m} [time]
of (o) [material] fait de (o) [material]