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though (o) [adverb] cependant (o) [adverb]
though (adv conj) [although] cependant (adv conj) [although]
though (o) [however] cependant (o) [however]
though (o) [adverb] pourtant (o) [adverb]
though (o) [however] pourtant (o) [however]
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though (o) [however] toutefois (o) [however]
though (o) [however] néanmoins (o) [however]
though (adv conj) [although] malgré (adv conj) [although]
though (o) [conjunction] quoique (o) [conjunction]
though (adv conj) [although] bien que (adv conj) [although]
EN Synonyms for though FR Translations
nonetheless [although] nicméně
however [although] avšak
howbeit [although] nicméně
nevertheless [although] avšak
but [although] nýbrž
yet [although]
notwithstanding [although] navzdory
moreover [part of speech] navíc
still [part of speech] neperlivý
further [part of speech] a ještě