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white frost(n)[meteorology] givre(n){m}[meteorology]
white frost(n)[meteorology] gelée blanche(n){f}[meteorology]

ENFRTranslations for white

white blanc{m}
white(adj n)[Caucasian] blanc(adj n){m}[Caucasian]
white(n)[color] blanc(n){m}[color]
white(a)[color] blanc(a){m}[color]
white(n)[egg] blanc(n){m}[egg]
white(a)[skin] blanc(a){m}[skin]
white(a)[skin] pâle(a)[skin]
white blanche{f}

ENFRTranslations for frost

  • frosted
  • frost
  • frost
  • frosted
  • frosted
  • aies gelé
  • aient gelé
  • gèles
  • gèlent
frost(n)[meteorology] gelée(n){f}[meteorology]
frost(n)[meteorology] gelée blanche(n){f}[meteorology]
frost gel{m}
frost(n v)[cold weather that would cause frost] gel(n v){m}[cold weather that would cause frost]
frost givre{m}