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EN Synonyms for exposure HU Translations
bearing [attitude] de apoyo
presence [attitude] asistencia {f}
light [attitude] lampara
shape [attitude] forma {f}
outlook [attitude] perspectiva {f}
point of view [attitude] punto de vista {m}
aspect [attitude] vista {f}
revelation [revealing] revelación {f}
confession [revealing] confesión {f}
enlightenment [revealing] esclarecimiento
disclosure [revealing] destape
take [thing] tomar
scan [thing] escanear
setting [thing] paraje {m}
image [thing] grabado {m}
outline [thing] minuta {f}
frame [thing] enmarcar
flash [ostentation] relámpago {m}
flourish [ostentation] abrirse
pomp [ostentation] pompa {f}