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EN Synonyms for litter HU Translations
beget [reproduction] veroorzaken
give birth to [reproduction] werpen
turn out [reproduction] opdagen
spawn [reproduction] kuit schieten
bear [reproduction] naar buiten brengen
issue [offspring] (formal uitgeven {n}
progeny [offspring] (literature nageslacht {n}
young [offspring] jeugdig
brood [offspring] sibbe
miscellany [mixture] mengeling {f}
jumble [mixture] rommeltje {n}
muddle [mixture] rommeltje {n}
hotchpotch [mixture] ratatouille {f}
mess [mixture] (informal pap {m}
clutter [action] rotzooi {m}
disorder [state] rotzooi {m}
confusion [state] verwarring {f}
untidiness [state] onreinheid
rubbish [thing] puin {n}
trash [thing] prul {n}