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livelihood megélhetés
EN Synonyms for livelihood HU Translations
support [subsistence] être un supporter de
keep [subsistence] tenir
food [subsistence] bouffe {f}
alimony [subsistence] pension alimentaire {f}
sufficiency [sufficient means] suffisance {f}
subsistence [sufficient means] subsistance {f}
income [sufficient means] revenu {m}
provision [sufficient means] fourniture de provisions
sustenance [sufficient means] (formal valeur nutritive {f}
competence [sufficient means] compétence {f}
vocation [profession] vocation {f}
occupation [profession] emploi {m}
business [profession] entreprise {f}
employment [profession] emploi {m}
trade [profession] commerce {m}
maintenance [means of support] maintenance {f}
earnings [means of support] revenus (mp)
living [sustenance] vivants (mp)
provisions [sustenance] provisions {f}
victuals [sustenance] (informal denrées {f}