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EN English HU Hungarian
ring gyűrű
ring (n v) [algebra: an algebraic structure] gyűrű (n v) [algebra: an algebraic structure]
ring kör
ring karika (n v)
ring porond (n v)
EN Synonyms for ring HU Translations
call [phone] noem
telephone [phone] telefoon
round [shape] rond
boxing [pugilism] boks
echo [reverberate] eggo
conference [organization] konferensie
challenge [competition] uitdaging
race [competition] spoed
game [competition] wedstryd
match [competition] vuurhoutjie
contest [competition] wedstryd
competition [conflict] wedstryd
clique [group] kliek
click [tinkle] kliek
rattle [clink] klik
field [place] veld
arena [place] arena
court [place] (arch. hof
clap [clang] klik
roll [clang] toedraai
HU Hungarian EN English
ring (v n) [to move with irregular motions] (n v) wiggle (v n) [to move with irregular motions]
ring (n v) ropes
ring (n v) to roll
ring (n v) to rock
ring (n v) to slew
ring (n v) to slue